IMG_5127 it sounds so official when it's written like a baseball player, MVP.

but minimum viable product can't possibly be where you're sprinting towards:  this is the first caisson in your brooklyn bridge. (see my friend drew at the brooklyn bridge above) it takes so much more than this to get to manhattan.

it seems the thrill of the sprint starts to wear off, especially in the scrum environment... a few people get decompression sickness during the build, team members start to worry they can't fix all the in your Emily Warren Roebling's and second and third lines of defense: we will need them all to keep building this bridge.  (friends and family, we may need you too!)

so maybe this advice i heard recently from a storied investor is valid: don't give me your MVP.  give me your $19billion dollar idea 7 years from now. because, if i had to guess, your MVP is more than valid: there's a lot of need in this world.  i'm sure you have a good idea and a good solution for a problem you've observed.

but don't just give me that. give me your bigger and bigger and biggest idea...and then, let's go there together.

**disclaimer and unrelated: this guy in this photo is my mvp**