how to do introductions -- mostly by Michael Sidgmore

when introducing two people i think it's important to ask for permission from both parties separately (sometimes people are overwhelmed and simply can't handle one more intro). and then to send a thoughtful message to both parties that describes each person and why you thought they should meet. my friend Michael is literally, one of the best introducers i know. not only is he thoughtful about how and who he introduces, he writes the gosh darn best bio's around!!!! here's a recent one he wrote for me:

Dear XXX: Gretchen is entrenched in the NY startup community as she is running her own co-investment firm, Adipose, where she applies her expertise in media and marketing to help startups grow. She works with a portfolio of companies, including Market Realist, Upworthy, and Cameo (acquired by Vimeo). She also works with two Lerer Hippeau Ventures portfolio companies as VP, Strategic Partnerships and Advertising. Her expertise in marketing comes from her time as a founding member and National Director of Quartz, the wildly successful digitally native news outlet owned by Atlantic Media and as the West Coast Director of Bloomberg West, which was the first dedicated daily tech TV show on the West Coast. She's also an all-around awesome person - she's a certified, trained yogi, having done over 800 hours of Jivamukti training ... and she's done all this before the ripe old age of 30!

needless to say, he writes something equally as thoughtful and descriptive about the other person and why i should take time out of my day to meet him/her.  (for anonymity's sake i decided not to publish other people's intros!) once you've read Michael's introduction emails once, you realize that every introduction he makes is a carefully thought-out one and one he takes great pride in.  you're quick to respond knowing it's likely someone important on the other end of the email chain!!

so, maybe next time you go to make an introduction, take a page out of Michael's book and put a little effort into it. (with special thanks to my main man, Ice Cube)