The Green Revolution Will Be Televised

My big bet: There will be a healthy(ish) fast food look-a-like in the late 2020s/early 2030’s. Look to early contenders like by Chloe, sweetgreen, and Quick Fish to set the pace in towns and small cities nationwide. Places like San Francisco, Southern California, Portland, Seattle, Austin and Boston will embrace this experience first...both for their sprawling metropolises and for their high density of young families in the semi-outskirts of the downtown areas. I believe this fast-food company will be ubiquitous - like McDonald’s or Burger King.

Envision a world in which a dad goes to a drive-through for green smoothies on his nap-ride with his 18-month old and a mom picks up a vegetarian-heavy dinner for the family of four on the way home from work. Remember when you were growing up, when you’d stop for a Burger King or McDonald’s on the way home from soccer or a dance recital? It actually felt like a wholesome experience! This will too.

The closest thing to what I’m describing that I’ve know of is Amy’s Drive Thru  -- a drive thru North of San Francisco, in Sonoma County, self described as a restaurant “returning to the roots of American Fast Food, serving lovingly handcrafted food to nourish hard-working citizens, busy families and road weary travelers.” I’m liking this description and might need to make a Sonoma/Napa trip this summer to check Amy’s out in person!

Midweek munching at its finest. #RunsOnLove #AmysDriveThru #PlantPower

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Change is a coming - I can feel it, can you? It’s happening to convenience stores, to fast-casual dining, (see also: Sugarfish, Bamboo Sushi, Sardella, Hillstone, etc.) and will be coming to a fast-food restaurant near you.

P.S.  Because this audience is easily affected by gamification strategies, it is wise for these chain restaurants to use a rewards-based system nationwide - like sweetgreen’s - where loyalty to the brand pays of in the form of free food.

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it's not the most wildly interesting (or polite!) table conversation, i've learned...but i'm deeply interested in how our stomach health affects our mental health.  there's been a lot of research done on this topic (mostly outside of the US) but needless to say, we all know well the feeling of having a 'pit in our stomach' or butterflies or the like.  this may have more merit than we've previously thought...

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stay open to the mysteries, babies.