Here are some of the recent playlists I haVE been playing in MY yoga classes...hope you enjoy!

August 20, 2018

Whoopsie doopsies, the summer has come and I have gone on a few epic vacations and forgotten to update my playlists here! 

August 2018

When you get to 6, just stop and let it go. Come back. Keep coming back. 


Hip openers and backbends when Wings kicks in and be willing to go one breath beyond what you thought was possible. I believe in you. Reach down through the floor for support every time you tighten up.

It's right there. We're right here. Keep doing the work.

See you out there.

April 2018 -- I have had the great good fortune of seeing a lot of these musicians play live. Including John Prine, Sturgill Simpson and Dar Williams just this month! 

I feel blessed beyond measure to be able to experience music. Live music, in particular, is a sensory experience that is so magical - and ephemeral - it is truly one of the gifts of being human. 

On Friday night, we watched John Prine sing Angel from Montgomery with Brandi Carlisle at Radio City Music Hall. To think that he has been making music since 1971 - 47 years now - and still his (arguably) most famous song was released on his first album. Imagine that. One thing you do today could propel the rest of your career. Put the work in right here, right now...indeed, it might be everlasting - like a great song is.

Re: No Hard Feelings -- you should really watch the HBO documentary on the Avett Brothers and cry along with me to the recording of this song. 

If you have a music hero, consider him / her a teacher - just like any other great teacher - go hear them play live. Buy the ticket, take the ride. If it changes you, let it.

See you in class. <3

Whoopsie doopsies, I kinda took a break from updating my website. Sorry bout dat.


I'm back and here's my latest (March 2018) playlist. In 2018 and beyond, I'll try to give you a bit more context as to why I'm playing the music that I am -- when I am.  [Feel free to DM me new music - I am always craving tunes!]

First 5 tracks on this playlist are easy listening, easy to groove to, easy to breathe to, easy to drift off into. That's intentional -- I just want you to feel into your body. Move with your breath. Witness yourself. Stop judging yourself - stop observing yourself with any judgement at all. Just witness your breath. Your body. This precious vessel. Breathe into it.

Tracks 6 - 10 are the fire - the tapas - the fiery discipline - the commitment to the practice. I need you to stay with me here. If it burns, turn it up. Stay with us. We believe in you. We kick off this part of the practice with hometown favorite, ASTR who sets the right stage for the heart thumping that's about to come.

Tracks 11 - 14 are placed exactly where they so that you might break your own heart open. Once you've done the work, you've got to let it go. In Sanskrit, we call this Tyaga. Literally offer all of your efforts up and out. It's why we practice backbends over and over again. Offering everything we feel out to the world in the hopes that it will be supported. It will be loved. You don't do anything for the fruit of your action. You renounce the outcome of the action before you even take it. Just offer your heart. Over and over again without any expectation at all.

Tracks 15 - 17 take you back down to a calmer heart beat, a more subtle vibration, a sinking into the floor and feeling fully supported experience. Come to lie down. Know that you're safe here. Believe that. Just for today. Just for right now. Believe that.



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