Gretchen is a dedicated student and practitioner of yoga: she has been a certified teacher since 2009 has been studying the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga for more than 10 years.  It has profoundly shaped her life and she’s an effusive and energetic teacher because of it.  

In 2009, she studied in the Jivamukti tradition in New York under the tutelage of Sharon Gannon and David Life and shortly thereafter, moved to San Francisco from 2010 - 2012.  Her classes now have a strong influence of West Coast asana: power and core are no strangers here!  

You can find Gretchen teaching regularly at Sacred Sounds Yoga in New York's Greenwich Village. She holds Sundays down with Core Class at 10:45am and Candlelit Flow at 7:45pm. She also teaches Friday mornings at 7:30am. 

She continues to study and teach with her teachers: Kathryn Budig and Sharon Gannon & David Life.